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About us

Six years ago we, the team of Bella Pella, a company dedicated to producing natural hand-crafted soaps and skin products, decided to embark in a new adventure.

As animal lovers, we wanted to give pets the same quality products we created for ourselves. As a result, Woof Cosmetics was born from our commitment and respect for pets and their companions.

We created this innovative pet care line by drawing from our experience developing bath and body products and by our determination to combine scientific and holistic principles. All of our formulas are blended with botanical extracts, shea butter and pure essential oils.

It took several years of researching and testing to bring out our pet grooming collection. We never detracted from our mission; to select superior ingredients, irresistible fragrances gentle enough for our sensitive furry friends and mild formulas to nourish their coat and skin.

All said and done... We are proud to offer the best in natural grooming products made by people who care about their pets!

And last but not least... to thank you for your trust in our products, a percentage of the sales will be donated to an animal shelter program.

The Woof Cosmetics team